Updated my native (ThinkPad T60) Haiku install from hrev50194 to hrev50232 and boot hangs with

intel_extreme: dump_registers: taking register dump #0

I see the Intel Extreme driver is in the process of being reworked since hrev50198, that might be it.

In the meantime, you can blacklist the intel extreme driver in /system/add-ons/kernel/drivers/bin/ from the boot options, or make it permanent. See the guide on blacklisting.


Yes, remember doing that back in the BeOS days. Thanks.

My thinkpad T410 now flashes with a black screen - something has changed in nightlies over the last week to cause the regression.

I’ve blacklisted the driver too, but annoyingly the resolution is wrong on VESA.


I’m just using an external 5:4 monitor so easy to select 1280x1024 VESA, don’t remember if widescreen modes are available?
Edit: checked, fail-safe widescreen modes are also listed

Edit: checked, fail-safe widescreen modes are also listed[/quote]

This depends on whether the BIOS advertises all the supported modes correctly IIRC