Integrated Unified Input Method

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As I usually deal with some different laguages on a daily basis (spanish, english, galician… -latin chars-, chinese, and sometimes russian), I would like to have a single-unified Input Method, a-la ibus on Linux, language prefs on Win and Mac.

Right now, on Haiku we have a Keymap switcher to switch among different keyboard layouts, and then the CJK input method separated.

I understand that CJK can’t merge with keymap switcher, so, would it be possible to bring ibus or create a single input method? Also I understand this is a “big” project to deal with.


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You don’t need ibus or whatever, Input Methods are first-class citizens in Haiku, just like they were in BeOS, and there are many already available, and you can switch between them on the fly (maybe it’d need better documentation). It’s just Keymap switcher which should be integrated maybe better. But event here, you might want to change the keymap layout even when using an input method.

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Maybe it needs to be documented better:


As far as I know, and as you can see from the screenshot, I can change from Latin (spanish-english-galician-french-portuguese) to Russian (cirillic яверты) without issues using Keymap switcher. Also thanks to having a яверты keymap. Only for certain portuguese stuff I add the portuguese keymap too.

The issue iappears when using Chinese, as Chinese input method is part of the BeCJK package. Can be seen in the Deskbar, the small keyboard icon, and from what I know, is nowhere related to keymap nor keymap switcher. There is also no option to use a chinese keymap that changes to 汉字 input when rotating between input methods, as there is no “Chinese keymap layout”. Actually, there is no need for a chinese keymap to input 汉字 as PinYin (uses latin characters), as any latin keymap can be used. I don’t really know how this works in “Cirillic” countries, though I presume it should be the same.

Besides, in the Deskbar there are 2 indicators, one for the keymap switcher, marking “Sp” in the screenshot, and the CJK indicator (the small keyboard beside Sp).

Of course I rather have a single indicator, that rotates among the languages I have set. Though I admit that on Haiku, I’m still newbie, so I might have missed something related to input methods, as well as many other issues.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, we need better integration of all of these into a single preference panel. We are starting with the builtin ones (mouse, touchpad, keyboard, keymap), will continue with PadBlocker, and then with the keymapswitcher and the input methods.


That’s because Keymap Switcher is an external application while the input method switcher is native to input_server and way older, and they don’t cooperate. As said it needs more documentation and integration. Feel free to help :slight_smile:

Right now, I am handicapped by the absence of an input method for Indic languages on Haiku…IBUS does this beautifully on Linux

In these forums, I was suggested to use Mozc, but it is for CJK languages…
To build an input method file for Hindi appears to be a monumental task…
looking for an easy way out

Any other method to input Indic languages?

Can IBUS be ported to Haiku? I am willing to put the effort, if there are no major hurdles…I would need quite some guidance…

AFAIK, Emacs has nice integrated input method for different languages and writing systems. You can try them. Of course, this workaround is not for system wide input method.

when google page is opened, below the box for entering search items, there is a line that says ’ Google offered in…
Webkit shows only square boxes, …

in other OS, the languages will be displayed in their native script

Would love to see the same in Haiku…if wishes were horses…so goes the saying…