So, I am trying to compile a program, this program currently fails to compile.
The reason for this program failing to compile, goes down to(it seems), IntergerFormatParameters.h, which is missing.
It should be in /boot/system/develop/headers/os/locale/, but when I look, it is not there.
Any pointers would be greatly apreciated.

P.S. If you could run any x86 32bit Windows program from the Windows 95 era, which would it be?

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IntergerFormatParameters.h and other headers were removed recently.
You may have to include GenericNumberFormat.h (? I dunno…)

P.S. I can’t remember any Windows 95 apps… :slight_smile:

Yes, that would be the replacement. Note that IntegerFormatParameters.h was never implemented anyway (all functions would return an error). NumberFormat actually has some working code, so it sounds like a better choice.

Maybe it is removed, but look:
Still included here, that’s why some guys got problems with compiling stuffs.

As far as i understand, the problem solved here:
So if you updates your Haiku to hrev51319 it will work. Hopefully.

Yes, and this code wasn’t even included in the build.
I suspect you hit the problem because of including Be.h, which is a way of saying “I don’t care, just include everything” we inherited from BeOS. It is rarely used by new software and I forgot to remove some references there when I deleted unused files.

So because some things were removed, does that mean that programs that actually need that functionality will not work?

They don’t needed any functionality from this (Be.h) afaik, it was just mistakenly left there. Please, check again your sources. Try to build them and report us if you met with any Problem.

Btw, they are the core developers, they know better, what is required and what not, of course, they are humans too, they can Do mistakes too, but do not forget, this is the Haiku User forum, for real bugreports you should use the trac at

As I said, the code wasn’t included in the build. So any program which would have tried to use these headers, would fail to compile with “undefned reference”.
The main problem is that there is a “Be.h” file which is used when you don’t want to remember to #include what you use. And it includes everything from all the kits. In the case of the Locale Kit, it even included these unused files. Now it doesn’t anymore.