Instant Workstation - Use Haiku in web browser


I have created a service that allows you to use Haiku (and other operating systems) in a web browser. The URL to the service is Hope it may be useful to you.

This is how the page looks:

If you want to run Haiku then select Haiku on the main page. Then select which version of Haiku you want to run (only one version is currently available). Then after a 20 second delay you should be able to remote control a Haiku virtual machine in your browser.

Internet access is currently disable until a better plan how to prevent abuse is in place. If you start your Haiku virtual machine without being logged in then the machine is permanently deleted on shutdown. If you register/log in your virtual machine is stored in persistent storage. So the next time you return to the website you get the same machine back.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions/feedback for the service.



I just tried it and it works really good :+1:
Actually,it worked a lot better than I expected.
The machine starts fast and runs smoothly.
Input is lagging a bit,but that’s not your fault,I use Tor for everything and that delays the connection quite a bit.
The hardware limits are also good,especially considering it’s a free service :+1:
I have only one small suggestion to improve: Please self-host your fonts,so that data-kraken Google isn’t fed when it’s not needed.
It’s really easy to do,see here: google webfonts helper
Please make my uBlock Origin happy :slight_smile:

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I really like that. It’s a totally painless way to demonstrate what Haiku looks like and what it can do.

I do have one suggestion. I think it would be great if you could install a few apps, and some files. Say some music files and perhaps the Calligra office suite.

What a great first post!

Thank you.

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Works good enough for now.

My only issue is cut/pasting text to/from the instant workstation (i.e virtual pc).

Graphics speed is pretty decent - even on 3D tests.

Great for teaching about Haiku, reviews, and user testing.

Sidenote: Also, you can add: BeOS 5.0.3 x86… :wink:



Me also wanted to check out …

in Webpositive

in Web (Epiphany)

in Dooble

I had not checked in


as the related Haiku memory leakage and other resource allocation is not fixed in Beta4 actually, so I avoid using this browser that not behaves well related to resource trapping.

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Yesq, we knoo

Tried it in Chrome on macOS. The mouse cursor is slow and jerky. Everything else seems to work.

Leak should be fixed in the nightly:

Yepp, I know …
… this way I wrote Beta4 … it was not accidental.


My post was originally about
certificate error that blocked to use this service
– in several browsers under Haiku 64bit –
due to cannot reach the affected site.

I just made a sidenote why I had not probed it in Falkion as well.

Does this mean we can soon expect a fix in the software updater?

Later sure - with Beta5 release.

If you read patches since R1B4 release you can get fixes soon with using nightly images - so if you accept it, you can have it.

It is 2 edge blade always and devs are careful.
Some fixes, enhancements caused new differrent issues, so they give time to the important patch(es) prove their usefulness and is(are) without problematic side-effects.

Lately some patches must be altered to do not cause error/issue elsewhere in Haiku, sometimes directly revert it.

This way we - who remain on beta versions - get the goodies later.

Now we have stabilizations in the USB disks, network, several memory leaks, other important stuff like Posix support that awaits next release to get into a Beta version.
If you do not have a chance to have
a nightly install
→ in a VM
→ or on yet another machine
→ or parttition.

Same thing in Safari. This thing does not like my Magic Trackpad at all.

Thank you. In a word - No!

Unfortunately, even with a real mouse the movement is almost unusably slow (Safari 17.1.2, MacOS 14.1.2).

I like the idea of it though, and I wonder whether there’s a tweak that could improve the mouse performance.

Dear @Sebrof ,

Soon the answer : Yes.

In another thread of post we got an update about it : it will be merged in Beta4 branch as well - if no error occurs.

Just as I wrote above

Excellent news. Thanks for letting me know.

Ahoy @Sebrof ,

The release of new Haiku level with affected fix is available now

    upgrade package haiku-r1~beta4_hrev56578_93-1 to r1~beta4_hrev56578_95-1 from repository Haiku
    upgrade package makefile_engine-r1~beta4_hrev56578_93-1 to r1~beta4_hrev56578_95-1 from repository Haiku
    upgrade package haiku_loader-r1~beta4_hrev56578_93-1 to r1~beta4_hrev56578_95-1 from repository Haiku
    upgrade package haiku_datatranslators-r1~beta4_hrev56578_93-1 to r1~beta4_hrev56578_95-1 from repository Haiku
    upgrade package haiku_extras-r1~beta4_hrev56578_93-1 to r1~beta4_hrev56578_95-1 from repository Haiku
    upgrade package userland_fs-r1~beta4_hrev56578_93-1 to r1~beta4_hrev56578_95-1 from repository Haiku
    upgrade package haiku_devel-r1~beta4_hrev56578_93-1 to r1~beta4_hrev56578_95-1 from repository Haiku
    upgrade package webpositive-r1~beta4_hrev56578_93-1 to r1~beta4_hrev56578_95-1 from repository Haiku

Thank you all for testing Instant Workstation. It will take me some time to address all of your feedback and comments.

About the SSL/TLS certificate error, the certificate was signed by “Sectigo Limited”. This CA is by default trusted by most web browsers and operating systems. If you can get an error then consider adding this CA (“Sectigo Limited”) to your browser’s and/or operating system’s trust store.

About the reports about the laggy mouse, the dedicated server hosting this service is located in Helsinki, Finland. So if you are outside of Europe the lag may be quite high. If this project gets enough interest then additional servers may be added on other continents too.

Currently an x86 server is hosting the machines. The machines run with KVM, that is why performance is relatively good. I am hoping to later add ARM and RISC-V virtual machines too running in KVM mode. This will naturally require real ARM and RISC-V hardware to host these machines.

In the meantime I have added terminal view support for Haiku on Instant Workstation. You can now use both the GUI (VNC) and terminal views (SSH). Please see the attached screenshot for how terminal view in Haiku looks:

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A thought on enabling internet connectivity: Could it be possible to tunnel from the user’s browser, a proxied connection? If there’s a means to pipe a (web)socket through, any number of encapsulations can shove the internet through it from the user’s computer.


As I’ve got certificate errors during probing … this way I should start some acts to gather useful answers …

… regarding to suggestion from Thysol about adding certificate…


As I’ve seen earlier certificates added to Haiku with installation of a package.

…and found it :

~> ls -l /boot/system/packages/certi
-rw-r–r-- 1 user root 114315 dec. 15 00:51 /boot/system/packages/ca_root_certificates_java-2023_08_22-1-any.hpkg
-rw-r–r-- 1 user root 129280 dec. 6 23:38 /boot/system/packages/ca_root_certificates-2023_08_22-1-any.hpkg

Was this package
built based on some existing trustable certificate material
building periodically by Haiku devs ?


I ask this **as if they would add **
“Sectigo Limited”
if possible - next time …


If such certificate added to Haiku …
would work for all browsers - would all available browsers use this central certificate installment -
certs should be added somehow in the browser itself ?

I ask this to understand
ii ii enough to add a cert once on Haiku ?…
should add separately to browsers ?.. ( where applicable )


At a pinch - if it awaits for me myself only to execute …
as central solution is not possible - anyhow -
risky for Haiku

how can I add such
“Sectigo Limited”
to Haiku certificates ?


I’ve searched Haiku site for
“adding certificates to Haiku site:”
on DuckDuckGo

but nothing promising came up :((…

So actually
still there’s no such document,
it is discussed in a section about development …


Thanks for your reply in advance !