Installoptionalpackage error

What did I do wrong here? Do I need to make the folder manually?:

(I wanted to just paste a few lines here but the pointy brackets ruined the formatting and I don’t know how to escape them. Also couldn’t manage to get ShowImage or Wonderbrush to crop the image down.)

Hi K.!

Pasting should work when you use the [code], [pre] or [Term] tags listed above the text field when you write your post.
Your mistake was to copy the parameters from the usage verbatim. The correct command would be:

installoptionalpackage -a -s beoscompatibility bezillabrowser burnitnow transmission

Note, that installoptionalpackage is only available on Haiku alpha4. The current nightly images feature real package management with the app HaikuDepot to install apps from a (currently still limited) repository.

For cropping with ShowImage, see the UserGuide (under “Editing” and “Saving and converting”).

When using WonderBrush, choose the scissors tool, select the area you like, and click the check mark symbol in the cropping-tool panel at the top.

Also, Screenshot has the option to automatically crop to the active window.

In any case, pasting longer texts is better done using services like pastebin instead of a screenshot.


Lovely answer, humdinger. Thank you kindly.
The command worked.
Don’t know why I didn’t think of Pastebin doh
and now I remember using ShowImage like that—it’s just been a very long time.
I’d already used Screenshot successfully but it was refusing to crop to the window last night, I swear.


Hi K.!

Maybe the Terminal window didn’t have focus, but the Desktop instead, when you called the Screenshot app. Then it takes the whole Desktop, of course. There are a few other restrictions when it comes to screenshooting only the active window. For example, you can’t capture the Deskbar’s window alone and when a menu or context menu is open, you’ll just get that menu, not the whole application.
I think that’s because actually it’s the active BView that’s captured, not the active window. So, there is potential for improvement, though it’s working reasonably well for most of the cases.

Nice to have you back (judging by your comment to have used ShowImage a long time ago)! :slight_smile:


Is the installoptionalpackage for alpha3 a recent breakage?

It seems that it was only a few weeks ago when I re-installed WebPositive using installoptionalpackage.

Yea - I know, “why am I still on alpha3?” I have one very old/low powered machine that doesn’t have the memory for alpha4.

Ah, didn’t have focus. That’s another doh

It’s nice to be back.

Now you can use this little tool to install optional packages:

All current nighlys breaking with the optionalpackage script, because we got a package managment :slight_smile: