Installing with UTM on M1 Macbook Air

Hello All,
Just been struggling getting Beta 4 installed on my M1 Macbook Air. Finally got it after a bunch of attemps. The key for me was using “Intel Partition Map” not the “GUID Partition Map”. (Helps when you look at the install guide on the website.). If you don’t it will install properly and then when you reboot it will only boot from the CD/Iso and the process starts all over again.

Trying to save you all from making the mistake I did.

Now onto figuring out how to get a lower resolution since Apple made a computer that doesn’t natively support 1080p. (Should have done more research before buying a year ago)



Hi Thom,
I did manage to install Haiku using “GUID Partition Map” with UEFI turned on and it booted properly. All I need is to create an EFIBOOT partition using this guide on Haiku website. The only problem is that the screen resolution does not save and defaults to 1920x1080 on the bootloader, so you have to manually set it to your desired resolution everytime it boots.

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You should be able to get around that by placing the resolution you want in the “VESA settings file”, as the EFI loader reads this when booting. I’m not sure if there’s a guide on how to do that anywhere. But the bootloader also does try to detect the screen resolution automatically, so perhaps the problem is that you already have a VESA settings file and it’s set to the wrong resolution…


I got a permanent resolution working by following the instructions in this thread. More specifically:

  1. Open StyledEdit
  2. Enter the following text, making sure to press enter at the end of the line:
    mode 1680 1050 32
  3. Save as vesa (no extension) in /boot/home/config/settings/kernel/drivers
  4. Reboot