Installing the last nightly image


Sorry, it’s a question from a newbie user !

I installed Haiku R1 Alpha 4.1 a few days ago and I love this system.
But because my network card is not detected (Realtek RTL8111/8168B), I would like to install the last nightly image.
I tried all the day with the threads found on this forum, but without success:

  • From a burned CD: it freezes on the Haiku logo screen.
  • From a bootable USB disk: it displays “Read error”.
  • I downloaded the RAW, ISO and ANYBOOT image, but the problem remains the same.

So please, could you help me by explaining step by step how to install the downloaded image from this Web site ?

In advance thank you very much for your help.

I used the ISO image burned to a DVD-RW (should fit on a CD-R too). It got stuck at the boot logo screen too, no logos lit up at all. I was able to get it booting by hitting space while it was loading up to get to the boot menu. I then selected a video mode of 1024x768x32 and continued booting. Guess my 1920x1080x32 screen size is too big for it to handle.

Yeesss, you are fantastic Agmsmith, your reply works fine !
By pressing continuously on the space bar during the boot process, I can access to the Haiku boot menu, and then be able to select the screen resolution to successfully start the system.
My network card is detected with this last nightly image, great !
Thanks again Agmsmith for your very fast and helpful answer !
If it can help someone else…

Hmmm, latest one (hrev47687) gets stuck near the end of booting, but hrev47665 does get to the desktop.

I took the most recent in the revisions list ( hrev47380…

That’s the old file server for nightly images, the new one is at Guess some of the web page links weren’t updated.

Great to hear you got it working! If you’re feeling enthusiastic, you could track down which version broke the boot loader and file a bug report.

Sure. The hrev47380 hangs on the boot screen logos before the first icon. I will try other releases…