Installing other software

Hi, I have Haiku alpha installed to a HD and have tried installing a couple of other pieces of software. I was successful with Gobe, ( installed from an old BeOS cd ). I then tried Netsurf and although it installs normally and I can see it in the folder it doesn’t boot. Says Missing libaries.
The only slight prob other than that was with BonEcho and that was a kind of freezing, which I cured by lengthening the DNS lookup time .
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi dened!
Maybe you got an old NetSurf archive. It’s running here. You should get the OptionalPackage from (mind the disclaimer on the top!). Download and unpack directly under /boot/.


Hi Humdinger, thankyou for your reply. Funny thing that’s exactly what I had done and it didn’t work, yet today fresh DL and it worked, using it now!
Again, many thanks.