Installing HaikuOS on a new laptop


I intend to buy a Lenovo x280 to install HaikOS.
I do not know if it will work, so before buying one I would like some tips.
I only consider buying the version with SATA SSD (NVMe is not supported yet on Haiku).
If someone has already tried it, then it will be easier for me otherwise I intend to do the following process.

  • copy HaikuOS on a USB key.
  • Access a X280 bios, switch to legacy BIOS and USB and remove the security feature of UEFI.
  • Try to boot from USB

As I will not be able to install it directly into the SSD (I will do that in a shop), I would like to know what extra manipulation you recommend me to do to check that it is possible to install HaikuOS.



  • Checking that you can see the network cards in network preferences, and ideally some wifi networks
  • Playing some sound and checking that works
  • Checking that you can see the internal SSD in DriveSetup or see the partitions in Tracker
  • Checking that GLTeapot works and does not give a black screen

You can also check more things as needed/available (SD card reader, HDMI out, whatever) but it requires plugging some extra hardware to the machine.

Please use the official name “Haiku” .