Installed Haiku; and the computer just doesn't boot it

I have 2 hard drives. On one, there is a partition for Windows; and another for files.
The other hard drive had only one partition, for files. I created another one for Haiku; and installed it on that one.
I chose “Haiku’s” HD, to boot from; and it didn’t do so. Than disconnected the other HD; the same.
It acts just like there’s no operating system; other than Windows.

Have you tried nightlies yet?
Since you have more then one partition, make sure you have installed BootManager:

Alright, I want to try Haiku’s Boot-Manager. I don’t know exactly what do the next two things mean - "the menu can only be installed on your first harddisk and there has to be a 2KiB space after the Master Boot Record (MBR)."
Which is the “first harddisk”? And do I need to think about the second thing; or is that normally taken care of, by itself?

I also don’t understand where do I get the Boot-Manager.

I see one problem: BootManager can only manage the partitions on one hard disk. It might be easier to chain-load from the Windows boot manager.

I suggesty temporarily removing the Windows HD and then installing the haiku BootManager. Then re-connect the Windows HD. When you select the second disk to boot from, haiku will boot from the menu.

Boot from the haiku install cd while pressing the left shift key. this will bring up haiku’s boot options menu. Select the hard disk install for the boot volume and continue booting. This will boot from your new install. Open the Terminal app and type:


This will launch the app that installs the BootManager on the hard disk.


And now, Windows have loaded, it seems, slower than ever.
Thank you very much.

One thing though; I wasn’t sure when to reconnect Windows’s HD; So I only added Haiku’s partition, to boot from.
Now the computer’s boot manager (the one that comes-up when I press “Delete”) doesn’t have this HD in the list, at all.
The only way I can choose to boot from it, is after pressing F8.
So how do I fix it?