Install to USB key?

I tried to install to a USB key and a mico sd card. Neither shows up in the installer…what gives?

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Did you create a BFS partition on them? You can start DriveSetup directly from the installer to partition a drive.

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Again, Hakiu doesn’t “see” the USB key or the SD card, therefore I cannot partition or format them.

You have to open DriveSetup to partition them.

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They do NOT show up, so I cannot partition or format them…they simply do not appear at all in the list of drives…

Is the USB / card you wan to use connected directly to the computer, or through some kind of usb hub or card reader ?

Also, does the computer have more usb ports ? Maybe try the destination usb disk in another one ?

Also, is this a normal usb disk, or is it something different ?

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ohh, new ideas to try :wink:
I have 4 powered hubs
Everything is on usb hubs so I will try the computer usb ports…I didn’t think of this because Haiku does see the key I boot from.
Also, it has been ALL the usb keys I’ve tried: Haiku doesn’t see any of them.
Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

UPDATE: BINGO…plugging directly to the computer solved the issue:THANKS!!!

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Good. Now install from one usb to other, and remember to see if your machine is booting with normal BIOS or UEFI, to set the partitions and boot files correctly.

yeah, UEFI is a bitch…should be part of installer is this day and age…more time wasted setting this up…but it’s only BETA, what do you expect…

Yes, that is why it is marked as a beta :wink:

If it’s any consolation I am working on adding this functionality to the installer. However this will only work for the “full-disk” installation mode for now.

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It’s a start :slight_smile: