Install Qscintilla with Python Bindings

I’m a Python Developer and want to port my programs to Haiku. One of my programs need Qscintilla with PyQt5. I found Qsscintilla in HaikuDepot but it looks like it doesn’t have Python Bindings. Any Idea how I can install them? I’m new to Haiku.

Hi, you might try modifying the recipe for it here
and building a version with support.

You can find more info on how the ports tree works here:

I hope this helps

Sorry for the delay, but I had other things to do. Anyways, I tried to build the existing qscintilla package, but I get the error, that devel:libqt5core could not been resolved.

If you’re on 32 bit Haiku the command is this:

pkgman iinstall devel:libqt5core_x86

The Python Bindings were added by korli.