Install haiku, help

Hi all im a new to haiku OS. I install haiku on my old pc, after install wont boot from hard disk. Can help me to install on hard disk, and boot from hard disk, because after install cant boot from hard disk. Always from usb stick. And i try to preference in tool installer for boot from hard disk but incompatible says.

have you set active partition?

How to set active partition ?

when you formatting image


No active partition sir

did your hdd have been initialized? after initialized into intel partition… i create a partition and see this image

“Active partition” is needed if you use an “intel partition map” (suitable for booting in BIOS mode). If you use GPT partition map, it isn’t needed, that’s more suitable for booting in UEFI mode, but in that case you need to manually install the bootloader (we need to automate this in the Installer, it has not been done yet).

In the case of UEFI:

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got it… thanks for clarification

Welcome to Haiku.

Once you have booted, you will want to install applications from Haikudepot. If you are having problems, take a look at this thread:

Thanks all the problem is clear, haiku boot from my hdd laptop.

. IMG_20201124_154945_676


hooray… +1 again haiku user …

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