Install From SRC

My apologies for my lack of knowledge. I’m coming back to Be after years off. I love Haiku, but can’t remember how to do much. I’m trying install Globe (an html editor) from GitHub. However it only comes in a bunch of files with no It does have a makefile in the folder, but my searching on the interwebz hasn’t shown me what to do with that to produce and install. Any help would be appreciated and sorry if this super elementary.


Welcome back, Fritz! :slight_smile:

Easiest to get the code from github is from Terminal, then enter the folder with the makefile, “make”, and after a bit of compiling, the built binary is in the folder objects.x86-gcc2-release:

git clone
cd Globe/src
cd objects.x86-gcc2-release

You’ll find that Globe crashes upon trying to launch it though…
Now you can head back to the github site and open an issue about that. :slight_smile: