Install drive

I have a MacBook Pro (13", the first generation of that computer to be called “Pro”), and I want to download Haiku onto it. I just upgraded to a 640GB SATA to dualboot at 320G each (Mac and Windows). I don’t want to remove anything from either side (that’s why I went through the pain of buying a new SATA the first time around), so I want to install Haiku onto an NTFS-partitioned 1TB external SATA. Is this possible? How?

Any help is appreciated.

The MacBook Pro probably lacks an eSATA port, so you may need an adapter (or use an USB or FireWire connection instead).

ExpressCard eSATA adapter:

An external enclosure can provide additional connectivity options if necessary:

But once the high-capacity drive is connected to the Mac, you’d boot into Haiku and reformat the NTFS partition to BFS using DriveSetup. Then you can install the new OS, just like any other drive.

And resources are also available to read and write to NTFS-formatted drives natively from within Mac OS:

Assuming that you are already using some kind of bootloader, I would prepare your eSATA drive with “Gnome Partition Manager”, once physically connected to your MBP. I don’t think you will need 1TB for HAIKU?
GPartEd lets you select file systems and creates as many partitions as you might find useful.
BTW, I would rather not have OSX and XP? on one physical drive because of different cache management, that could decrease overall performance.