Install BeOS Thinkpad T42p

I’ve got that ‘collection’ downloaded; whoever used 7z for that was not particularly used to BeOS - not only because its not natively supported; but because only Zip supports BeOS attributes.

It’s 95% junk unfortunately; twenty versions of a library or (even more) ancient builds of Firefox etc.

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Yeah. I’m happy for the install cds, fixes, and drivers. Duke Nukem seems great too. But most is junk, duplicates, and things that I wouldn’t use. Like email stuff.

There’s some interesting looking stuff in there, just so much to sort through.

You can try this archive:

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I’ll check it out. Thank you. I’m sure I have a lot of that, and a lot of what PulkoMandy has, and a lot of what’s on be.wildman-productions. There is also another site that has pretty much only PPC. I kinda of want it all, because I’d hate to miss a few things and not be able to get them anywhere.

Let me know if I’m missing some things, I still have some disk space to spare and I can add things to my archive :slight_smile:

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