Install BeOS Thinkpad T42p

I have not had any luck with the graphics drivers. I did get sound working using the ich_ac97_1.7 that I got from PulkoMandy’s website. I did get usb drivers working, but that made it so usb mice wouldn’t work. So I uninstalled that and just use Haiku to move files from USB drives.

I did use diskprobe, found what I believe is the correct id, and changed it to the device id 0x45e4 or something like that. changed the number listed that had %'s in it to the device id obtained from Haiku device manager. It did not seem to function. I don’t think I really am able to do this without instruction. What am I missing?

What did you do to install the video driver(s)? I’ll look at my BeOS setup here. For mine, I remember I had to move an accelerant or two that is part of the driver, to a particular folder before it worked.

I’ll check to see where I moved them when I can get to the computer. I moved the driver to one folder, and accelerant to another. There were two documents titles “copy Radeon here”, “copy accelerant here”. I opened them and got the path from there. Do you have a fire gl t2?

No unfortunately, it’s an ATI Mobility Radeon 7500. But it could be a case of having an accelerant or other file in the wrong folder. It was a little bit of a challenge with mine, turned out I had a file in the wrong folder. Same with a DFI Core2 motherboard BeOS-build I did a few years ago. Accelerant placed in the wrong folder. That, or I forgot to make a link to one of the files.

Thinkpad T42/T42P comes with one of radeon 7500, 9000 or 9600. Which one do you have?

The 9600 is actually a low end R300 card, the other two are older and quite different I believe. At least under Linux the mesa radeon driver does not work on the 9000/9200/7500 but will work with 9550 and 9600 etc. See May be some cause of driver incompatiblity?

I’ll try to find some time to install beos on my T42 (it has a 9600) and see if I can get graphics to work. At present it only has debian.

I guess BeOS install means burning an actual CD, it can’t be installed from USB? Haven’t done it in about 15-20 years, except on a VM, so can’t remember!

Hmm it seems the T42P has a different (less common) GPU, similar to the 9600. So yeah sounds like it probably needs PCI IDs to be edited? Not sure

Yeah, it’s based of the 9600. I attempted to edit the device id, but not sure if I did it correctly.

I burned a CD, and used with 1GB of ram. I think I used Nero burning software. Can’t remember if I had problems with other burning software.

The Radeon driver worked. I cannot set the resolution to native 1400x1050, but I may try ProposeMode utility. Thanks kp3ft for your help.

Using the ipro1000 driver worked for ethernet. I am now pretty impressed. 95% of stuff works on this laptop.

I have this file “.bash_history”. BeOS created it, and it’s a dot file, but it isn’t hidden. Is there a way to hide dot files? Some folders where I brought stuff onto the laptop also have a bunch of dot files that are a nuisance.

Yes, there is. Go to PreferencesTrackerWindows and check “Hide dotfiles” option.

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Thanks. I did that on the Haiku side. I didn’t see such a thing on the BeOS side.

Oh, sorry. I did not realize that you were asking for that option in BeOS, not in Haiku :sweat_smile: Sorry for the confusion.

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Well you saved me time hunting for it in Haiku. I had the issue there as well.

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I had this issue come up. I feel like it will be obscure, but maybe someone can help me.

In BeOS, when I right-click, Open With, it used to show a list of apps. Now it shows the apps, but with a full path. It’s really obnoxious to use like that. I only have 1 drive mounted, in case that matters.

Alright weird issues cropping up. Now when I click on a menu, where it would drop down and show me things, if I don’t hold the mouse down it doesn’t stay. Like in classic MacOS, you hold down menu, move to menu option, then release mouse. I don’t know why it’s doing it.


I moved these files from config->settings to a desktop folder. It works now. I don’t know I guess some setting must have gotten corrupted. I moved these files because they were modified today, and that’s when the problem started.

This is configurable in Menu preferences for BeOS (not for Haiku, this preference panel has been removed).

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Ah. I found it. I found it before. “Click to Open”. It appeared to do nothing, it just requires a reboot. (Maybe I could’ve restarted input server.) Thanks.

This is what happens when you have a duplicate app. You have two Diskprobe’s.

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Darn it. I appreciate the help with that.

Basically whats happening is I am making a real mess going through and sorting 1200 unsorted BeOS/Zeta/Haiku apps. A lot of them are compressed with 7z (extra steps for me) and a lot are poorly labeled/documented. In the case of diskprobe, I probably knew what I was installing when I installed it.