Information on HaikuWebKit-1.9.7

Just wondering if there is any information on what this update of HaikuWebKit entails? Normally, I can find some info in the source actvities page, or in a post here in forum.

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Nothing special, a few bugfixes for regressions in HaikuWebKit 1.9.6 and merges from upstream WebKit (but not many, since the 1.9.6 release is not very old and the summer is a bit quieter than usual on WebKit side).


I updated to on Haiku R1B4 – but I had to revert back immediately as caused constant crashes in web (epiphany) browser for severasl sites … but especially the most pain-in-the-ass … for YT.
So moved back and now seems all quiet.

I used to have crashes in web (epihany) for similar reason … but NOT SO INSTANT as page loaded or fail to loading.

It used to have arised some time - if more tabs are open for longer time.
It was more serious - it made web : useless.

This update has nothing to do with epiphany.

Yepp, I got the same in the ticket I opened about it.
Against that I experienced that what I wrote and basically I do not deny your THEORETICAL right - as those are 2 different web engines.
I’ve just a hope someone says : “Hmm, it’s interesting !” and look after what is in the deep – like House did in House MD.

This way I wrote in the ticket as well : I will keep my problems/issues I experience rather to myself and wait until some other updates fix them. Until that - go back if needed - so stay on versions - JUST WORKS as expected :smiley: