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Hello, I am a romantic love BeOS, user-level, like Haiku. I’ve always loved investigating on my own self and like I said I’m just a user without extensive programming knowledge. Maybe it’s the right place, I live in Spain and am interested in finding a number of books and papers to follow in my online self. I wonder if someone could help me providing me any, for pdf.
I’m looking for are “The BeOS Bible” by Scot Hacker, “Be Developer’s Guide” by The Be Development Team, “Be Advanced Topics” The Be Development Team and “Programming the Be Operating System” Dan Parks Sydow.
I have ever asked but I AbeBooks THROUGH Unfortunately we do not seem to answer To Have Those titles in stock at the moment.
Thank you very much in advance to all

Hey me too!

I bought the BeOS Bible from amazon in the US, they deliver internationally (I’m in Venezuela).

A fun read are the BeOS columns for byte magazine by Scot Hacker Also the behive archives are interesting, they are available in the same page.

In a more technical side the book “Practical filesystem design” is a good read, only a little knowledge about operating systems theory is required. The book is available in the documents section of the haiku website.

I’m currently reading the Be Newsletter (in the same section) They have a section called “Be Engineering insights” which is very interesting.

Programming the Be Operating system is also available in the documents section.


Hello! I speak spanish too (I’m from Argentina). In the following links, there are some old Beos articles, and a few online chapters of “The Beos Bible” that weren’t included in the printed version:

Saludos!! :smiley:

eBay is also a good place to find BeOS books.

For those interested in Dominic Giampaolo’s Practical File System Design book, since it’s out of print, he made it available online from here:

The fs-kit from that book is also available there, check page.

Here is a list of all BeOs, Haiku, Zeta Books:

If anyone is interested I have two like books available. BeOS Bible and Programming the Be Operating System. No cost just cover shipping and they are yours.

The “BeOS Bible” you won’t find in a PDF format, that much I know. But you can get i really cheap on eBay. I bought mine way back in 2000-2001.

There is another free e-book about BeOS - “BeOS: Porting UNIX Applications”. Released by author:

BeOS User Guide (Preview Release):

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The ideal OS for me would be one that had a well-designed GUI that was easy to set up and use, but that included terminal windows where I could revert to the command line interface, and run GNU software, when it made sense. A few years ago, Be Inc. invented exactly that OS. It is called the BeOS

“In the Beginning was the Command Line”, by Neal Stephenson.


I think this is worthy of a thread bump: The BeOS Bible (PDF) now available at Internet Archive/Open Library

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