Inform 6 Compiler and Frotz Interpreter (Text adventure, Interactive Fiction games) ported to Haiku here


I have compiled Inform 6; a text adventure game compiler for Infocom, Z-machine.

and Frotz the Interpreter (you need it to play the compiled games z5 files by the Inform 6 software).

For now, the Frotz port haven’t sound (the sound core of Frotz seem not compatible with Haiku) and this app is in command Lines based on NCurses.

Here is a link avaiable to the HPKG files:
Inform Tools (HPKG)

To compile a game:
inform nameofthegame.inf

that give a nameofthegame.z5 file

for play the game:
frotz nameofthegame.z5

Thanks for feedback.


Available on besly too


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The usual warnings apply: Be aware of the risks of installing packages (or adding to your repository, for that matter) from anonymous sources.

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Sources used:


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Frotz 2.50 is currently at haikuports, however the port only uses ncurses (this was done as part of GCI)
A port using the SDL libraries could fix the sound issue?

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Very few zmachine games are using sounds, maybe except the original Infocom games (for which there are also a few images). There is fizmo which has a sdl port, I haven’t tried it with games using sounds though.