Including a web-browser in the nightly images

Hi all -
I’ve just downloaded the latest nightly image for Haiku and was very impressed! I’ve just managed to send my first email from Haiku (running it in QEmu). I was stunned when it arrived in my gmail inbox - great stuff!

I was wondering - are there any plans to include a web-browser in the image? It wouldn’t have to be Firefox - there are a number of other very good (and small) browsers around. Midori and Dillo spring to mind. Now that email works perfectly, a browser would (imo) give that last “icing on the cake” to the user experience, as two of the most frequent apps that newcomers look for are an email app and a browser.

If there is a way to download a Haiku-compatible browser from within Haiku, please let me know. (wget maybe? I don’t know if Haiku has that.) Keep up the great work, devs! :slight_smile:

  • latte


I guess I’m in the same boat as you. I just recently started experimenting with this little operating system, and am quite impressed with it’s small profile and simplicity - not to mention that it works quite well in spite of the cautions given to downloaders of the system.

I am using Firefox running on the latest Haiku build to write this comment.

Got it from:

  • Hope that helps

  • Ron Scheckelhoff

Oh, BTW:

I used wget to download the firefox binary (wget is included in the default image)

  • Ron

Haiku nightly images are by design small (20Mb or so). Instead of grabing the raw Haiku images, how about you grab Senryu ( This is a 100Mb image which has browsers, games, applications, full development tools etc. It’s like a proper distribution, and is updated weekly.

Hey, great! Thanks very much for that link, Zenja!
Thanks also to Ron for your comments! Sounds great - looks like I’ll be having lots of fun with Haiku in the next few nights…

  • latte

Just take an image with the optional packages.
It has links, NetSurf and Firefox in. That should be enough, right ?

Just take an image with the optional packages.

That’s great, Where does one find an image with the optional packages? Not on the Haiku web site. Senryu is the closest thing to an image file with the optional packages that is available for download.

Sikosis is gonna work on the “development images” again soon I think :slight_smile: