Include new Open Virtual Machine Tools

VMware just released their VMware-Tools as open source. They are available under the BSD, GPL and LGPL license and are called “Open Virtual Machine Tools”, see

I think it would be a good idea to include them in Haiku, especially in the current state of development (mainly virtual images). Is this possible?

Sincerely, kwurzel

It was mentioned on the mailing list as well. There are some questions about the portability to gcc2 at this point.

The question I pose is: What benefit will they provide that is so extremely important to Haiku at this point?

The only feature I saw that seemed useful immediately was the host<->guest file transfer mechanism.

Perhaps someone can get the authors interested in porting them to Haiku - since they actually suggested that in their news bit.

Maybe including the already available VMW Tools (BeBits: ) is possible right now. At least the vmw_server to share clipboards with the host OS is very handy.