Improvements to packaging system

I use QtCreator for native Haiku development due to its advanced Code Completion and searching capabilities. QtCreator can use CMakeLists.txt for project parsing and configuration. However, there is a regression in QtCreator or CMake regarding parsing of the CMakeLists for any version of cmake > 3.9.2, including the latest version of cmake 3.16.0. Every time I use Software Updater to update Haiku, it grabs a later version of cmake which breaks QtCreator, and I always have to manually revert back to cmake 3.9.2.

Ideally, Software Updater would allow me to select which packages I would like to update (ie. a checkbox next to each package name). This way I could select which packages to install using the GUI. Yes, I do know that I can manually run pkgman from Terminal, but ideally a GUI checkbox would resolve this issue. For now, I keep a backup of the older version of cmake 3.9.2 and always revert to this version after every update.

Secondly, via, I can download older versions of most packages (double click to install). Ideally, HaikuDepot would also have the facility to list these older versions and to install them if possible (to resolve dependancy issues).

Did you report your problem with Qt Creator and cmake to haikuports? I think it makes more sense to fix this, than to rely on users to manually lock some packages to specific versions?

For this, there’s a ticket already:

I think it is infact only possible because is not updated for some months…
Otherwise one would get the newest Versions only.

Nope, you can always get to older versions of a package. Just go to the packages page and click on “All versions”. Here, for example, for youtube-dl:!/pkg/youtube_dl

Back to 2014… a quaint, more innocent time…

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wow impressive…
so why is the main page not updated?

Are there any other IDE features that, if added to Paladin/Koder, would convince you to move away from QtCreator? If so, please let me know and I’ll add them to the requested features list.

The big ones are code completion, hinting tool tips and searching (take to declaration, find all references). QtCreator also uses clang static analyser, so you get warnings/errors as you type.

Using clang you can get code completion and the static analyser via a reasonable API. Years ago as an experiment I managed to get clang to spit out code completion hints just by passing the file name, line and column numbers to the API, and it returned data which could be used for code completion.

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It would be a nice feature for end users nonetheless, as bugs do slip through the net frequently enough even on mainstream operating systems. And it’s available in most other package managers.

wow… i imagine if you join development with @adamfowleruk for paladin… it will be great…

Yeah I think most of these features will require a language server style approach that Paladin and Koder could both use. There’s some background work and refactoring to do before this can begin, but it is being worked on and is in the roadmap for Paladin.