IMAP mail accounts with Haiku Mail app. Everything but inbox contents in inbox

I have two email accounts that are connected to hosted domains. When I set up the accounts, Mail preferences names the servers (incoming and outgoig) as “…” These accounts should actually start with “imap” or “smtp”. Changing these names allows me to connect to the relevant servers (with input user name and passwords). However, all of the other folders (draft, sent, trash, spam, etc.) appear in the Haiku Mail Inbox for the specific account, rather than inbox emails. I have read the instructions in the user guide, and included the “:” port numbers, but other than that haven’t a clue as to what else I can do…

Lastly, I am also trying to get a GMail account working in Mail, but I am having no luck at all.

you have to create an app password fo gmail.

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I looked in the security section of my GMail account profile, but couldn’t find a way to generate an app password for haiku mail to access GMail…

Hmmm. OK, I had to go in and configure the IMAP folders (excluding all except the “Inbox”) and then I was able to get my e-mails working. The unfortunate thing, is that all messages are stamped with the time and date they were downloaded, rather than the date they were sent to the server. This makes it impossible for me to sort through my e-mails in the way that I usually do. IMAP is after all a means of storing e-mails and when you store them you usually want to sort through them by date…

There’s an attribute “When” that should have the correct time/date the mail was sent. See the Tracker window’s Attributes menu or right-click the column header row.

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Cool. Thanks. I am not sure everyone notices a separate series of e-mail attributes at the bottom of the “attributes” menu…

Another couple of issues have appeared when using Haiku Mail with IMAP:

  1. Deleted mails remain on the server after having rebooted my computer into Linux. The deleted mails appear in Thunderbird.

  2. I created, saved as a draft, and then sent an e-mail from one of my e-mail accounts to another.

    A) There doesn’t appear to be any way to determine the location of a draft folder, and it is not the same location as the “open draft” context menu command. The draft folder created when I saved a draft mail is listed between my mail account folders.

    B) No confirmation that the e-mail was ever sent, no “sent folder” available and the e-mail never arrived, despite no failure notification of any kind.

  3. Spell checking appears to be unavailable in Mail (as in Web+ and StyledEdit). I assume spell checking for native apps will be implemented at some point?

Long standing bug/enhancement: #4765 (Location of draft mails) – Haiku
All drafts seem to be put in ~/mail/draft

The “Open draft” in the context menu is a query, which for some reason fails. It’s a query for "MAIL:draft==1". I’ve opened a draft email in DiskProbe and it does have a MAIL:draft attribute and its value is “1”. lsindex in Terminal shows that this attribute is in fact indexed. No idea why it’s not working…

My sent emails are stored in the location I configured in the E-mail preferences under “Outgoing” as “Destination”.
FWIW, I had mails failed to send in the past and did get a error window.

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