Images in qemu

I seem to be having some minor trouble running the daily built vmware/QEmu images of haiku. Yeah I know they aren’t meant to be “Stable” but that isn’t exactly the problem I have been having.
The problem I’m having is that it doesn’t seem to boot past the BIOS, which I’m sure can’t be right. In fact I tried several images, but with identical results. A screenshot of what the problem is can be found here:
but basically it seems that HD 1 is not detected.

To be honest. The problem is probably me not knowing how to use QEmu or something like that, but I just wondered if anyone else could shed any light on this?

For the record I’m on debian etch, with qemu 0.8.2

Apologies if I should have rtfm.



kvm -hda haiku.image -hdb hdb.img -cdrom /dev/cdrom
thats how it works under my ubuntu linux…
under win xp i use qemu, but i don’t have the command by hand…
so maybe it helps you…

in slackware 12
install qemu 9.1 from a package is the easiest…
compile kqemu and install (optional)
modprobe kqemu (optional)
qemu ./haiku.image

and it will boot… at least it does for me


some i like qemu, kvm, etc…
because i can control it with startscripts…

Are you using it in Windows? You may need to specify the BIOS file directory. I think it’s either ‘-L’ or lower case L. Oddly enough they’re important.

It should be something like

c:\> qemu.exe -L . -net nic -net user -hda haiku.image.* -hdb NewDrive.img

With ‘haiku.image.*’ it should boot whatever the newest HD image you downloaded is. NewDrive.img is an image you create with qemu-img for things you want to port over from each image test. It works for me (I copied and pasted from my batch file :P).