IF/infocom Z-machine interpreter?

All I can find is an ancient binary of BeOS Frotz which needs TERM set to beterm or it won’t run. Seems to work tolerably, but ctrl-H is the only way to backspace… Apparently, Terminal thinks it is “xterm-256color.” Before I go messing around with the source to Frotz, is there something better for BeOS/Haiku to play IF games?

Checked the last stable release (and the latest beta), still builds ok on Haiku (but can’t check it as I don’t have the games needed for it :slight_smile:

There is also fizmo (already in haikuports) https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/blob/ae94b1277bcbbeb5b75fc110cd644e974715e9d2/games-engines/fizmo/fizmo-0.7.10.recipe