Idualwifi7260 issues

I’ve got issues with intel celeron fanless laptop from Star Labs

Currently the WiFi chip is detected and it sees SSIDs. But it always fails to connect, throwing a possible incorrect password error. And then it no longer sees any SSIDs, even if I disable and re-enable the wireless adapter.

Our home WiFi is a mesh setup with multiple SSIDs. Is it possible the mesh routers with multiple SSIDs is throwing things? Is that a known issue?

Also what is the best way to grab diagnostic info for this, if I want to open a bug report?

I guess I should point out this is the 64bit nightly.

The idualwifi7260 driver (otherwise known as iwm from FreeBSD) is very flaky; it only supports 802.11a/b/g, not even 802.11n or 802.11ac (which the hardware supports). It also has problems with 5GHz mode. So unfortunately a lot of this is “expected behavior” until FreeBSD updates the driver (which it’s increasingly unclear they will ever do…)

Ooof. I knew 5ghz would be too much but didn’t realize it didn’t have ‘n’ support. ( I am used to FreeBSD lagging behind a gen or so on WiFi ).

Realtek dongle it is then. Thanks for the info! Keep up the great work. @waddlesplash

Here my RTL8188EU Wireless LAN 802.11n USB 2.0 works on hrev55908

Yes, the realtekwifi driver does support 802.11n; the idualwifi driver does not.

Oh sorry i need to read more Details;-)

it seems there is some work to resolve this, last update December but it seems to be replacing the iwm driver with another

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The iwlwifi work reuses the Linux driver of the same name directly via FreeBSD’s linuxkpi compatibility layer, so that may not really be that useful to us. (It also does not support 802.11n or 802.11ac yet, either.) However, it is somewhat interesting in that it uses the FreeBSD net80211 stack, not Linux’s 802.11 stack, so perhaps if we wrote our own Linux compatibility layer, we could use FreeBSD’s 802.11 compatibility code and also use both FreeBSD and Linux WiFi drivers…


That sounds a bit crazy though.

That never stopped us in Haiku :smiley: