Ideas for Haiku R2 from the "Gonx" concept


I held down command/alt, ctrl, and option while Origin was enabled in Dano. It didn’t appear to want to tab; maybe someone else can try it and see if it will…


Stack and Tile is an Haiku addition, it didn’t exist in BeOS…

As for the look change, I’m not very surprised if Be planned that in R6. Windows XP and Mac OS X were released, and clearly the Be UI was not up to them in terms of trendy eyecandy.


They definetely had plan to rework the complete BeOS UI, but what we can see in the Dano/PhOS/Zeta was just the tip of the iceberg, the changes in the company plans (BeIA) removed plenty workforce from the BeOS6 project, at least what the UI part means.
The UI styling was never completed, the tabs were not movable (AFAIK), so from the laked builds one cant really see what the real plan was.
One can get some more hints from the sources, but it is a mixed bag of different development stages, no real clean path there.
Maybe @looncraz can tell us, what kind of new things or hints have he seen during creating PhOS.


That PPC Dano video still makes me think, how the kernel is soo young in the About box.


Oh and if somebody interested, some years ago there was a portfolio page on the net from one ex Be UI designer with plenty design sketches.
Sadly i cant find it anymore, maybe still have it somewhere buried deep.


And at least there is a “book” about Dano:

Dont buy it, its just wiki articles.


I am a HUGE fan of the Stubear OBOS UI concept.

I can’t find it any more, but I had a video of a more final version (or maybe it was a mockup?) of the BeOS UI showing a very nice transition effect for the moving tab. It’s solidified in my mind that we will have that effect.

If you look at the OBOS UI concept and you see that little yellow tang on the left size of the tab, imagine that as you move the tab right it moves up to elongate the tab to mimc the curve on the right side of the tab. When the tab hits the far right, the right side falls down and creates the tang again, reversing the tab. Multiple-tabs on the window will look really amazing with this, I believe.


Sadly it appears the gif images were not backed up by :confused:
it does show the filenames though.


I believe he’s on Twitter (Stuart McCoy). I will see if that’s him.


This is really nice! With a decorator it could be returned to Haiku?


It has the same non square windows problem as Gonx just not as pronounced.


Oh, I see. Can the decorator code not handle corners? I assume there’s no layering either so smooth aliased corners are out…


The decorator has no problem drawing fancy shapes, but on the usability side it has a few possible drawbacks or strange behavior. That’s something difficult to evaluate just from mockups.

For example, when you want to tile two windows, how would these tabs look? What if you want a window to be flush with the screen edge? What if that screen edge is next to another display? Does the protruding part show on that other display or not?


Indeed :wink:

The Tracker it is using (open tracker) was hacked together by me, because the BeOS version the image is built from doesn’t have the extension int he kernel to display the about box. That used to be built in to Tracker you see… That’s why it looks like the older releases.

Hopefully I can dig that machine out soon, and play about a bit. Assuming it still boots.