[IDEA] What about a (free) CodeGuru review?

1st of all this is NOT a promotional post, I simply believe that the opportunity to exploit the 90-day free of charge trial period should be used, since their code optimizer AI has been feeded with GitHub (maybe Haiku too) projects’ sources.

What is Amazon CodeGuru?

It is a machine learning service for automated code reviews and application performance recommendations. It helps you find the most expensive lines of code that hurt application performance and keep you up all night troubleshooting, then gives you specific recommendations to fix or improve your code.

More info: https://venturebeat.com/2020/06/29/amazon-launches-ai-powered-code-review-service-codeguru-in-general-availability/

Hope that inspires.

It is apparently dedicated to AWS specific APIs and code patterns? I don’t see what the relation with Haiku is?

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Another AI scanner of code that could be useful:

“Our bot processes hundreds of millions of commits in open source software projects and compares a variety of fixes for the same bug or security issue. DeepCode then automatically infers new rules and suggests them to developers who have the same intent but an incorrect or inefficient solution.
Free unlimited analyses for Java, Javascript, Python, TypeScript, C/C++ (beta), C# (beta) and PHP (beta). Free for public and private repositories and teams up to 30 developers.”

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