IDE for Haiku?

I installed Haiku a few days ago and I really like it! Now I’m trying to create some apps in C++ for Haiku, but with the texteditor PE this is very tiresome. My workspace is very cluttered with a lot of files open.

Is there any C++ IDE for Haiku? Or even just an editor which supports tabs like Notepad++ and Gedit?


Too bad they are down atm but I will check it out when they get it back online :slight_smile:

I’ve installed it from BeBits and I think I like it. (At least better than just Pe)

Great to hear you’re liking it. There is also one other popular IDE you can try and decide which you like better. It is called Niue.

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That looks even better!

But trying to run a compiled program I get the error “there is no output at all…”.

edit: the compiled program works from the commandline though

Hi, I actually happen to working on exactly this at the moment and am almost ready to release an alpha of an editor/IDE based on Notepad++. It supports tabbed browsing, syntax highlighting and all that and has a compile console for building your program from within the editor. I’m using it to work on itself, so it’s plenty usable (what’s missing before I can release it is mainly that some of the prefs panels do not work yet). I can send you a copy of the pre-release build I’ve been using if you want. I know it can be very annoying to work in a text editor that does not mesh well with your workflow.

I would love to alpha/beta test your application! You can mail me at

Whatever happened to ‘CodeLiege’?

There were a couple of guys (Richard Crawford & Scott MacMaster) working on a real nice IDE for BeOS, when Be, Inc. closed their doors.

Does anybody on here know what happened to that project?


Michael McEuin

Kdevelop is available if you have box or Tilt-OS app Installer. I’m having problems with Nieu and Sisong on Alpha 2. Paladin works well, but seeme to be focused on projects and therefore better for advanced programmers.

There’s an entire book, Programming with Haiku, which uses Paladin. It’s geared for beginners

For $10 you can get this online, a great value.

Yeah, I’ve looked at a few of the online lessons but haven’t got the Paladin bit yet. Thanks.

If you’re having a hard time understanding Paladin, you may want to install the package on Haikuware instead of using installoptionalpackage and then read the documentation that comes with it. It explains a lot of how Paladin works and the purpose behind creating projects and such.