Hello everyone,

I’m new here but i created some icons i think you might like.

I talked to JBurton in the IRC chat and he said you needed new icons for the system preferences. I created these two icons in the original style of BeOS but updated them significantly. The original icon is in the corner for reference, let me know what you think.

I think Haiku needs icons not only for system preferences. It seems like we cannot use the original BeOS icons due to legality issues.

This is quite sad, but if we are going to replace them, I hope they are replaced by something like yours here. Something Be-ish.

Nice work!

I hope somebody from Haiku can soon give a definitive statement on this because creating a complete new set of icons takes a lot of time…

bal8664 wrote:
I'm new here but i created some icons i think you might like.
Wow. :shock:

You are very talented. :smiley:

Hey bal8664,
your style remembers me the McClintock’s one…really nice!

About a new icon style for haiku, when I made some icons requested by Andrea Anzani, I thought about a new design for file icon, a classical 3/4 view, some example are here:


Have you others ideas?


Good stuff zuMi. :twisted:

bal8664 wrote:

Wow, lovely icons.
Initially I was a little worried that they wouldn’t scale well; but I did a quick resize just to see…

Keep them coming :slight_smile:

Only thing obviously missing, is the tick. Most Preferences have this tick, one or two third party prefs dont. I think they do need something to show they arent just a normal app, but do we go with a tick again, or maybe something more obvious?

Naturally, from a r1 viewpoint, the ticks will stay, so i’m just waffling.

Mockup’s icons are really pretty and BeOS inspired


I’ll try to contact him to know if he wants to help haiku with this task


Yes. Those are great. 8)

I like bal8664’s icons a lot.

However the tricky size for icons is 16x16 - my Tracker windows are usually set to list view, and Deskbar uses 16x16 too. Zeta deskbar screenshots show the icons are almost unidentifiable - far too much antialiasing attempted in much too small a space.

OpenTracker for R1 may well be limited to 32x32 and 256 colours for icons, so that also makes icon designers’ lives that little bit more complicated.

[Beta] - I’m not sure the ticks will stay for R1. The whole iconset will need to be changed for copyright reasons, so it’s probably up to whoever designs the icons. I do think it’s a good idea to have something to identify them as prefs though.


This is a different concept, the shapes of the (most) icons are inscribed in a rounded exagon, looks like the classic 3d view


Fantastic…very well done zuMi !

That’s a good remark. I too wonder if Haiku will have to change the icons to be legit. :expressionless:

According to everything i’ve been told the icons will need to be changed and not just remakes of the haiku ones. But most people i have talked to definitely want to keep the classic style.

I’ve heard by some people that 256 colors and 32x32 will be the limitations for R1, but I’ve also heard the opposite, so I’m not sure. It’s always easier to make the icons as best as they can look first and work from there.

zuMikkebe, I really like your style, maybe we could collaborate on something. Drop me a line, my email is bal8664@rit.edu

Heres a quick comparison of what those two icons would look like 32x32 and 256 colors. As you can see the screen icon holds up pretty well, while the font icon doesn’t. I guess i’ll have to re-design it with the limitations in mind.

not to copy/past my latest post, i would just say that what i told on the following link/post is of course also true for icons :slight_smile:



In BeOS the 16x16 and 32x32 icons are stored seperately, so you can do some hand-tweaking of the smaller ones to make them identifiable.

For Haiku R1, certainly 16x16x256 and 32x32x256 icons will be required, for compatability with BeOS. I’ve sent an email to the main mailing list asking about the possibility of having a larger/higher color depth icon as well, I’ll let you know any replies I get.

To keep you up-to-date bal8664, it looks like 32x32 will probably be the biggest icons in R1. However there’s a possiblity they might be able to be 32 bit colour. Also Axel seems quite keen to get a whole new icon set for R1 (although it’s not finally decided yet) - so keep designing!

I think that 32x32 are currently too small for moder desktops, few persons I know are using resolutions smaller than 1024768, so I wish that if there is not svg support, the icons could be 2424 for mini view and 48*48 for normal view.

I draw some new icons inspired for haiku, these are some examples:


I talked with Mariano Viola, the designer of Mockup Icons, he was a beos user in the past and if his help is appreciated he is interested to work on some icons for the haiku project…indeed his Mockup icons are released under an open license, so them could be used on haiku too.


zuMikkebe wrote:
I think that 32x32 are currently too small for moder desktops, few persons I know are using resolutions smaller than 1024*768, so I wish that if there is not svg support, the icons could be 24*24 for mini view and 48*48 for normal view.
I agree 100%.

BTW keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

I’m 100% agree too about 48x48 ! I already use 48x48 by default even in Windows (regedit modification :)) and even my mum and girlfriend are in 1024 on 15".

About this new icon set, i feel them a little bit too “smooth”, a little bit too Linux feel.