Icon-O-Matic crashes

actually it’s been a long time :sweat_smile:
eventually I found a real HW where I can boot Haiku almost with no issues ( excepted for audio but I will try to blacklist the driver and install opensound later )
I tried to dust off my skills on Icon-O-Matic but it seems buggier than 10 yrs ago, it crashes often when I try to change from gradient to solid color, nor I can select more than a few points at one time, but I started to do something again.


Icon-O-Matic source code hasn’t been touched for years until very recently so it must be a recent regression.
Does a version of Icon-O-Matic from beta 2 crashes the same way?

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Actually I’m using the nightly builds, I could try to run beta 2

If you can send us a bugreport for further investigation, that would be great.