Icon labels have disappeared

Something strange. While editing the attributes of a song in a folder (changing a Title of a song), I suddenly no longer able to edit it. If I clicked on the hyphen and attempted to type something in, the hyphen was uneditable. I closed the folder and looked on the desktop, and the names of all my desktop icons hd disappeared… They’re all just hyphens.

If I right-click on one of them and choose "Edit name, the name appears and can even be edited/altered. But as soon s you get out of the edit name function, the icons label returns to a hyphen.

Does anybody know what’s going on, and what I can do to fix this?



Most likely, your file has gotten destroyed in some way, wiping out the attributes. See if they are still there by using “open with DiskProbe” to view them directly.

Less likely, for attribute display to work in Tracker windows, it could be the MIME type database disappearing. If you use the FileTypes preference tool, and pick a MIME type (such as text/e-mail or audio/MPEG3), you’ll see a box listing “Extra Attributes” which includes all the attributes associated with that type of file (e-mail comes with some already set up). If you double click on an attribute, it will have the column display settings (visible or not, how many pixels wide the column is, is it editable, etc).