Icon for unmounted USB BFS Partition?

When I unmount a BFS Partition residing on an USB drive, its icon changes from “USB Flash Drive” to “File Cabinet”.

Is this an expected behavior? If so, what does it tell the user?

This bug has been with us in one form or another since forever

Thanks for the pointer to the old ticket.

I’ll check if the same happens with an external USB optical drive.

However, for FAT32 and NTFS volumes, there is not residual icon when the volume is unmounted. This is the reason why I was wondering if a BFS volume was treated differently.

I mount BFS partitions all the time to copy files. After unmounting there is usually a ghost file (cabinet icon) left on the desktop which doesn’t go away until after a reboot. A quick search of trac will yield numerous examples of this behaviour.

Restarting Tracker fixes it.