IBM X31: No beta 2 for the grandpa

Unfortunately i’m not able to join the beta 2 party bus.
The official upgrade path ends with the terminal commands for replacing the two repositories (the »out of memory« error again).

I was able to boot my usb stick (in safe-mode), but the installer isn’t working. I’ve tried different destinations, it’s reporting »bad data« everytime right after hitting the install button.

Booting from my beta 1 partition and trying that installer was failing too: »Permission denied«?

Bad data sounds like the file system or boot media is corrupted.

I wonder when exactly do you get “Permission denied” error?


Thank you. Just downloaded again and builded the usb stick this time on my mac.
Now i was able to install (via safe-mode).
The new installation is booting without the driver for my network card only,
otherwise it stucks after the boot sequence and before displaying the desktop.
But i had these problems with the latest nightlies too.