IBM ThinkCentre S50 - Black screen after Rocekt icon since Beta1

I have been using the Alpha releases with relative success, pretty much all hardware works well, for some time on my IBM ThinkCentre S50 with the following spec.

Intel Pentium 4 @ 2.66ghz
2gb Ram
Onboard Intel 865G Graphics Chip
=> Samsung SyncMaster 940mw screen @ 1440x900 16:10 resolution screen
Intel onboard Audio
500gb Sata 2 HDD

However since upgrading to Beta 1 the machine boots to a back screen (The montor drops to standby) just after the final Rocket icon at boot.

I have been unable to locate any previous posts relating to this becoming broken and wondered if this were a known issue.

Not sure what you would need to assist in investigating this issue. or even if it would be considered a bug.

VESA Save Graphics mode works fine so I Guess something in the Intel Driver changed. As these ThinkCentre S50’s have no video expansion (Only 2 PCI slots) I am hoping to get a fix for this issue rather than have to replace the machine as it was until the beta release a really usable Haiku machine.

It might be trying to load an incompatible driver, the Devs may need to mark it as broken on that chipset. They’ve done this for a few others as well.

Are they working to fix them? or is it possible to use the old (still working) alpha release driver with the Beta release.

and if so, How?

There were some changes in intel_extreme driver recently, which could be the reason for the incompatibility what you experiences right now.

In around the same were SMAP/SMEP protection features introduced in the kernel which required other adjustments in the driver code, so a driver from earlier nightly will possibly not work on beta (you can still try, but if you lands in KDL do not be surprised).

Create ticket for your problem, because this is a forum, not a bugtracker.

Perhaps there should be a globally pinned post with links to the bugtacker and all those types of links.

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