IBM Plex font

IBM Release Open Source Font, Here’s How To Use it on Ubuntu

Is it possible to get this font for Haiku?

Sure. Get the font from e.g. FontSqirrel, unpack in /system/non-packaged/data/fonts/otfonts/, enjoy.
Or if someone wants to create a HPKG, there are a lot of font recipes that show how it’s done.
Or see the post Script to conveniently package fonts.

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I’d be willing to make a package and submit a pull request if you give me some guidance (beyond the recipe). Been awhile since I tried this concerning HaikuPorts, etc…


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Sure. Ask away… :slight_smile:

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I’ll try to see how far I get before I running into speed bumps and then I’ll bug you.

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Beyond getting the recipe assembled and package-able, what/where are the instructions for submitting a PR, etc…? I’m guessing this stuff goes into HaikuPorts?

I’ll probably bang on this over the holiday break.

I think you want this: