I wonder where I went wrong

I installed the latest version of Haiku on a Lenovo Thinkpad x220. Unfortunately, Haiku only started if the botable pendirve was in the usb port. Without the flash drive, the system does not boot. In the BIOS, I set Startup->UEFI/Legacy Boot: Legacy Only. I prepared the partition using GParted. Now I’m wondering that perhaps I created a partition too large (the entire 512 GB drive as one partition). Where did I make a mistake?

reinstalled, this time initializing the partition (this time smaller - 10GB). Now I get this message
bios_ia32 stage1: Failed to load OS. Press any key to reboot

Did you write boot sector to the drive? That may be automatic, I’m not sure. Also did you install the boot menu?

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LIkely the master boot record is not the right one on your disk. You can rewrite it using the “writembr” command.

There are no problems with large partition sizes.

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Thanks! I rewrite master boot record (using writembr) and now everything works fine!

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