I wish CopperCube 6.6 was available for Haiku

Then I could make games like this for it!

This is currently a Windows-only game.

Is it open source?
Where is the source?

Not open source. It’s a game. You play it. I’ve spent over $500 getting it to this point. Can’t just give it all away… not that rich. :grin: If you’re referring to the game engine (CopperCube)… you’ll have to discuss that with Nico @ Ambiera.

What’s the point of asking to have it ported if it is not open source?


Seems people like this way … :j

When they move into a new rent or goes to the beach … they would also pack their gummie ducks 8))
… especially if it was stuffed with their bucks already :wink:

It appears to need 3d acceleration. Haiku has none at this time.

Note the title of this thread. I said “I wish CopperCube 6.6 were available for Haiku…”

It’s also a nice way to show others what I’ve been doing outside of Haiku, in case they’d be interested in playing it.

There is someone on the Ambiera forums that says they’re working on an open-source version of CopperCube, but they stopped talking about it awhile back and no one has heard a peep since. Rumor is, it was vaporware. A lot like the Intellivision Amico and all the lies that Tommy Tallarico was spewing about it. :rage:

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Well, if we are on the subject of games we want on Haiku,
then I should make a topic ‘I wish Dragon’s Blade: Heroes of Larkwood was available for Haiku’.
(It’s a retro-style turn-based 2d RPG from 2013, available for Windows(UWP), iOS and Android)

Does it run in wine?

A wish-list is nice to have :ok_hand: as for closed sources, those will only run on Haiku if they were written for it, otherwise a (mostly) nogo.
As for open sources, those list are fine too, but without giving some link as to where to find the sources it’s a hunt to track them down, so … post a link to go with it. :slight_smile:

You’re more than welcome to give it a try. Stage 1 is FREE. If you mean CopperCube, give it a shot.