I want to work on the Haiku User Guide documentation but need help

I want to help with documentation in terms of the Haiku User guide but I cannot find the source code for the files anywhere. I would like to stary off with the WebPositive page as I can add more information there that is currently lacking.

I suggest creating an account at https://i18n.haiku-os.org/userguide , get the “Full edit” source code of the page and submit a link to a diff to the haiku-docs mailing list.

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Could you send the password through this forum using the messaging feature as the mail hasn’t come through yet and I am eager.

Nice to see peple have interest helping out with documentations and guides.

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Well I have my first set of changes. Where may I upload these now?

You can put a diff with your changes on something like http://sprunge.us or similar services.
Friend Begasus suggests to use “diff -Naur” for a nicely formatted diff.

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