I want to join haiku open sources,can give me tech guides?

Now I already learned C++ basic knowledge, I want to enough knowledge to join haiku open sources, can you guys give me some direction? Are there any public resources on the Internet that can help me learn more and let me have opportunities to participate in this open source projects, such as the famous open source courses of MIT and CMU?

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You should decide if you want to program the kernel, or applications or libraries or tools…

Perhaps this helps?

Thanks for your reply. My current interests are audio and video, distributed systems, embedded and Linux kernel. I want to study the Linux kernel in Haiku. At the same time, I saw on the Internet that most people recommend mit6.828 (the course materials are older), mit6 .s081 and mit6.824. I want to participate in Haiku’s open source project. Are these courses recommended? Are there any other courses you would recommend? Really appreciate your help

There is no Linux kernel in Haiku.

I am so sorry I see the OS label in categories, so I mistakenly thought it contains linux kernel. I want to participate in this OS. Do you have any recommended resources? Are the open source courses I mentioned above helpful?Thanks

Is this an AI?

Edit: I already answered the questions. And the MIT courses are not open source but operating systems. Hence my suspicion it might be an AI

No, I am real person, I misunderstood what you meant because of different language habits. I’m sorry.

Maybe you should use AI to help you write, and to explain?

I use google translate to translate my language,my bad.

I think ChatGPT might translate better.

Thanks for your advice

Welcome Thomas! Here’s some info about the kernel and development:



I don’t know about the MIT courses. Haiku is a quite large project with a lot of things to do, ranging from the kernel all the way up to the preference windows and other applications. If you already know some C++, it should not be too hard to start looking at the code and finding some things you can work on.

Usually I recommend using Haiku for yourself and seeing which problems you hit. It could be hardware support, a missing application, a bug in the web browser, etc. From there, you can study how to fix that specific problem. Then we can provide much better directed help. Otherwise, I think we can only give very general and unprecise advice.

Another option is to look at the “Easy tasks” page (it is linked from the “Development info” page someone already shared). This is a list of problems we have already found and where we think the fix should not be too hard to do for a beginner (but we could be wrong). So you can also start with one of these.


Chatgpt is not a translator, it will halucinate random stuff you did not ask it to write. please do not recomend it for this task.


You’d want to follow the specifics of your course material unless you are allowed to utilize an alternative OS environment (i.e. for your programnming projects).

If studying OSes, Haiku is fine for that use First, star with understand the difference between Linux-based distributions and Haiku:

Then, read the general FAQs to keep an overall knowledge of the Haiku project and Haiku itself:

There is a lot of OS knowledge and history within the Haiku project.

MIT courseware is a great start in given you a very broad OS knowledge.

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Are you speaking from experience?

Thanks for your advice,I will go through step by step.

Thank you for your reply, I will learn according to your suggestions

Get it, thanks

From understanding how ChatGPT works. Do not use it for translations, it will do it correctly for very simple things, and then suddenly fail in unpredictable ways when you give it a bit longer text that’s too complex for it.

It’s better to stick to tools that are designed for the job.