I want to help you!

Hello! I am so glad and so gratful you are resurecting BeOS!!! And I realy very want to help you! But unfortunealy I am not programmer, I am just a musician from Russia. But really artist in music. I know that every OS must have a music and sound thems in it, like start up sounds and somethink like this. If you won’t against of it I can write a music thems especialy for Haiku!

Welcome, Skfyr…

I haven’t been to this thread in awhile, but you should probably check it out:


Also, Dohmar posted some time ago with a similar offer, but I’m not sure if he’s still around or not.

What styles do you like? Toss some samples out there - usually that’s the best way to get feedback.



Thisi is not sounds,this is my own music, my compositions, if you like this kind of music,I will write a them for you.

Wow. Those are really good! :shock: :slight_smile:

So? :smiley: I am happy that you like it. Now, I don’t know well for wich events I shall write music. I know only startup, exit and error events. I can’t remember others :slight_smile: If you can, please write a list of events wich for I have to compose the music.

Yes. And tell me when it must be done.

I listened to the first few in your list. Wow. As one musician to another, I must say you do some very nice work. This stuff has the word ‘demo’ written all over it. I wonder if someone has considered doing some work on demos for BeOS and Haiku. Using stuff like what you mentioned would have quite an effect. :smiley:


Wow, this really does sound good!
You should send this to some movie producers in Europe, it really makes me think of movie soundtracks.
Maybe you can do some demos on what you think the start-up or shutdown tunes should be like for Haiku, and I’m sure the will be included with the system sounds…

Thank you people!!! Thank you very much, I am very glad!! But to start working I must have a list of system-sound-events! If it possible let some developer of Haiku write me the sheet of system soundevents. I know that sounds must be in system startup event, system exit, system error event… But I cant remember others!! So some Haiku developer should remind me it.

BeOS doesn’t have that many sound events by default - there is no shutdown sound even.

All that is listed in Preferences->Sounds:
Beep (error)
New Email

tb100 is right, but I can’t help but wonder if there are other system events which are added in by other apps which might also be appropriate. Then again, part of this is probably the realm of a distribution. What I personally think would be cool is if your music could be used in the /boot/optional/sounds folder like the music that Baron & Ficus did for BeOS and have you come up with the system sounds , too. My $0.02



Ok.Now I am starting to work. Unfortunately I have’not BeOs installed in my system, that is becose I have two athlons MP and 1024 mb ram so even after the patching Beos 5 worked VERY unstable. So am waiting for haiku:-). So I will write startup sound, new mail and error sound. Is that all? Or not? If no which else?


If I understood well. You ment that it would be better if exept systems sounds I put all these tracks as optional sound including to cd with Haiku? OK. I agree :slight_smile:


If I understood well. You ment that it would be better if exept systems sounds I put all these tracks as optional sound including to cd with Haiku? OK. I agree :slight_smile:

Close. R5 Pro (and earlier versions, I assume) included a bunch of different things in the /boot/optional folder hierarchy. This included things like 3dmix files, MIDI files, a few videos (I particularly loved the Memorial Day videos), and a couple mp3s - 5038 and virtual (void). IIRC, YellowTab is including the music of the band SkyCycle in the same way. I think it would be really neat if Haiku could do something like that. I think it would be good because your would likely have pretty wide appeal and I would hope that you wouldn’t mind the widespread distribution. :slight_smile:



your music will make it on my iPod’s harddisk :wink:

Good work!


Great work Skfyr ! :o

Thank you a lot.

to DarkWyrm

Of course I won’t :slight_smile: Distribution is not main idea for me in this case. I just very like Beos and respect every one who try to resurrect it.:slight_smile:

Here we are!!! I have finished!!!

Ok. I composed sound for comprter poweroff (not for restart!!) There are two different versions of this sound, you can us one wich you like more.


This is starup sound
(it was resulted rather budger :slight_smile: )

This is new mail sound:

And finaly, this is error sound (fatal :slight_smile: )

That is all.


WOW! I just registered to this messageboard for the sole purpose of telling you GREAT JOB!! Thank you for your hard work! These sounds are great! :smiley:

Thank you!!!

If Haiku need more sounds - just say I will write it :slight_smile:

I have been listening to you music all day, I love it! Do you have a website? Do you have any other songs?