I want to help the project!

Hey I am CS student I already studied assembly language and couple of languages and I am currently studying OS course, I know it is really difficult to make an OS but I want to try it (helping the project).
What I should do since I never had an experience with developing an OS, should I study something first (I need a guideline).
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Hello and welcome to the Haiku community! :grin:

If you would like to get a better understanding of Haiku, I believe there are multiple ways to do so:

I wish you good luck!


Can I also add - filing bug reports that are concise and reproducible by the devs is also improving Haiku. Do not underestimate impact of good bug reports!

(Software tester out)


Thanks for listing the steps to get started.
I also want to contribute to haiku.
To get how it feel to run haiku I ran it on virtual machine and live dvd it went smooth.
Next I’m trying to compile it’s source code by following documentation.
I tried to understand source code for few component but not able to understand much.
Can you suggest how to understand the source code for a particular component like network and how this is connected to other components. So it become easy to understand any bug.

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Try to start a simple program and practice can help you, or you can try to port your favorite not ported apps for haiku, it is more or less easy and helpful.

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