I think I found a maintained QtWebKit fork - what do you think?

Refusing to accept that QtWebKit is really dead and being bored last evening,I looked through Github if there is anything happening related to QtWebKit.
Surprisingly,I found this repository rather quickly: GitHub - movableink/webkit: Unofficial mirror of the WebKit SVN repository
I’m not really an expert for Qt stuff,so I can’t say exactly how useful it is,but if we have some good luck and that really is a drop-in replacement for our current QtWebKit port based on the latest upstream Webkit code from Apple,it may give Otter Browser and other Qt-based browsers on Haiku a nice boost.
Imagine having all websites in Otter Browser work as good as in GNOME Web,but with a lot more features in the browser itself and a nicer UI,that would be awesome.
Maybe someone with a more powerful machine than mine can try building this and see what happens?

  • QtWebkit was phased out for QtWebEngine. Qt6 moving forward.
  • HaikuWebKit is migrating to WebKit2 (WebKit 618).
  • Safari 17.1 (WebKit 616.2.9) is higher than mentioned QtWebkit fork (WebKit 616.1.11).
  • Epiphany (Gnome Web) is already on a recent WebKitGTK.

So… it would become a step back in the upkeep - in lieu of web server maintainers keeping compatibility with the major web browser developers (i.e. Safari) and web security concerns.