I need more BeOS-related names for cats!

Probably some of you know that I name all my cats after various BeOS-related OS projects. I used to have 3 cats named Bes, Guy (Haiku) and Zet in honor of BeOS, Haiku and Zeta correspondingly:

They are still all good and kicking, but now I have two more additions to the herd. It’s Dan (in honor of Dano; shown alongside Bes on the bottom photo):
image image

— and Cosmos (in honor of Cosmoe):

And I’m literally out of names. Ok, there is Maui and BeIA, though I don’t know how to change the latter into a cat’s name. BlueEyed requires a certain feature that may not be present in a cat I save (all these kittens were literally saved from the street), therefore I can’t count on it. Thus, well, I have no idea what to call the 8th cat if I adopt one.

Suggestions are appreciated! :smile:


Walter, Gassee :slight_smile:

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Gassee is not an OS project, therefore it doesn’t count. Walter… Hm… Ok, listed.

I’ve found out that Haiku was in the short list of other possibilities:

•Auros •Forge •Mantis
•Begin •Haiku •Menlo
•Dysis •Indigo •Nemo
•Firebox •Infinity •Nova
•Firefly •Jaffa •Terra

These all are suitable, IMO… Of course, Stinger, Maui and Genki are also good enough.

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If you like anime, you can use the codenames which Be engineers gave to some of the chips inside BeBox: Kasumi, Akane, Nabiki, Ukyou, Ranko, Shampoo, and Akari


Unfortunately, the only anime I absolutely love is “Dai Mahou Touge”. It is good, but I’m afraid names from that series will give my cats a bad idea about how to spend their free time (destroying everything around them :slight_smile: ).

Well, there is also Max (like BeOS Max), or Dave (like BeOS DevEd). Not sure if you can make something for PhosphurOS however.

what about Rick, from GNU/Limerick

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Actually Dan was initially called Phosphour, because its fur was so white that it was almost glowing in the dark. But the name didn’t catch, because it isn’t so snappy; you can’t just yell through the whole apartment “Phosphour, stop chewing these plants!”, it just becomes something like “Pfrfr!..”

Max and Dave are nice names. (It reminds me of “Dangerous Dave in the haunted mansion”, bestseller from id software!.. Oh, so many hours were wasted on levels 6 and 7!..)

Jean, gasse, bernd, zeta, walther, open, be…

Are you kidding me? :smiley: the custom chips inside the BeBox have the names of Ranma 1/2 characters?



There was also Senrui (if I spelled it correctly).

Bes and Zet are already there. And no, I will not call my cats after people, a convention is a convention.

you mean senryu?

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+1 for Walter :slight_smile:

Genki (R4.5), Dano (post R5), Wagner (Opera browser engine for BeIA)

Pavel (Cisler), Bob (Herold), Cyril (Meurillion), George (Hoffman), Hiroshi (Lockheimer), JBQ / Jean-Baptiste (Queru), Domimic (Giampaolo), Pierre (Raynaud-Richard) , Joe/Joseph (Palmer), Baron (Arnold), Ficus (Kirkpatrick), Dianne (Hackborn)

BeIA devices:
Clipper, eVilla, HARP

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Maybe it would be a good idea to start a new thread:

Former Be developer in general…

KernelJoe is quite a good one too. Along with KernelMac. If you don’t know what they are, tsk! :wink:

Cosmo Cat is great. Haiku Cat is ok. Bes Cat, kind of strange! Zet, very very strange, IMO!

Kasumi, Akane, Nabiki, Ukyou, Ranko, Shampoo, and Akari
sounds for me all very good. As Max and Dave. Depends which language you use?

@brunobastardi, I’m of Russian origin. In Russian, “Bes” is “a small evil spirit”, “minor devil”, “demon”. This name really matches the cat’s personality.

I live in Israel. In Hebrew, the word “Ze” means “this” or “that”. Therefore, “Don’t touch that” and “Don’t touch, Zet!!!” sound almost the same. I find it convenient.

Most of these names don’t match my guidelines. I won’t name cats after real or imaginary persons, only codenames and OS names or nicknames are allowed. Therefore Wagner is ok, but Baron is not. Clipper, eVilla and Harp are marginally acceptable, but now I have enough to choose from.

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