I need help with a monochrome image related to Haiku

Greetings to everyone. I’m in search for a monochrome image which is undoubtedly related to Haiku.

The story is: I’m receiving a custom leather bag for my birthday. It includes a ~7 cm circle of dark-blue suede leather which may be embossed with a logo of my choice. I want to put there something that is related to Haiku.

If the matter were happening 20 years ago, I would place there the Be, Inc. logo. But now I’m in search of something that:

  1. Will look good in monochrome (white background, black image, the black part is the one to be embossed).

  2. Will look great in size of about 7 cm (therefore the word “Haiku” doesn’t suit - the letters of 1 cm width will be barely visible from distance).

  3. More or less fills the circular patch. (The word “Haiku” would leave empty area above and below).

  4. Is immediately and uniquely associated with Haiku. (The leaf from the Deskbar looks like a quill, and while I am a writer, this is not the message I want to bear into masses).

I thought of setting the word “Haiku” on top of the Leaf (the leaf is attached below), or maybe using one of the boot icons, but I’d better consult with the wisdom of others. What do you think? What would be the best drawing for the described purpose?



Cool bag!

How about the H square - black on white as Greyscale:

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It has to be completely monochrome, not greyscale. But the idea is nice, thanks!

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Here in pure black&white with white outlines:


Light red and dark red are both red. Grey is light black, so it’s still monochrome.

I will use this image. Thanks!

I’ll show here how the bag looks when I receive it.

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This is the bag with Haiku logo. Thanks to everyone who helped me with choosing the image!


Cool that! I like!

Extremely cool, orange would fit a bit better but a splash of personal color is always great

I mean no offense. Now that I see the bigger picture I --see-- the image. But with the smaller picture in my email it looked like the international space station.

But this is very cool too! Great work!

My favorite color is deep blue.

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