I know it's something

But I want to translate the pdfs of Development
into Spanish, so that the project can reach more people.

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Looking at the pdfs their license is listed as CC BY NC ND

Which means creative commons by attribution non-commercial non-derivative

That means that with the license you are not allowed to produce derivative works, and haiku would not be allowed to publish them on the website or anywhere else.

I think the best course of action would be to try and contatct the author darwyrm and ask them for permission. Unfortunately I don‘t know where they could be contacted, maybe someone else does.

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But then how are you going to reach the Spanish-speaking community if they don’t know how to contribute?

Because I was going to show the project to some friends and they don’t know English and they really want to contribute.

If you can’t speak english it is very hard to contribute in general, if you want to contribute code for example the critique on the code review tool will be in english, as is the bugtracker. Developers will help users in other languages too, but it has to be in one language the rest understand on the review tool.

But besides that, I did not make this work or license it in this way. We do have to respect the license of the author.

It is not my decision or the decision of Haiku but that of the copyright holder. I would suspect they would not mind particularily, but you have to ask them.

Ok, I understand and I do know English and if I can contribute, I’ll see how I manage with my friends

One way could be to join or create a Spanish Haiku Users Group. There are many ways to contribute, for example, the Italian hug is at the origin of Genio and of Desktop on Fire! website.


His real name is Jon Yoder and there are Twitter and Mastodon contact details on his gitlab page: Jon Yoder · GitLab


In fact, when you contact him, ask for a general permission to translate into other languages, not just Spanish. That could help someone else down the line.


Ialready have contacted Jon and he agreed to change the license so wecould keep the documents up to date.

You can find the current version othe sources with the new license here: GitHub - theclue/programming-with-haiku: Learning to program with Haiku and Programming with Haiku books

We never got to update the website, but if a version in a new language appears, it will be time to do so.



The versions on the website all still have the old cc license in them (and some newer ones seem unobtainable, linking to a not responding server)

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Thank you very much, this could open the doors for more people from different places to contribute to the project and make it better known