I have a full copy of T-racks for BEos, is it worth anything?

Hi! I hope that this is the appropriate forum. I’m preparing for a move and I found my copy of T-racks (and the invoice for what I paid for it…Yikes!). It won’t run on Haiku and even if it did, I couldn’t register it, since the original company who developed it is out of business. (That’s what happened after I first bought it, as I recall. I was using it, had to reinstall BEos, and couldn’t reinstall because the registration link no longer worked.)

Is it worth anything? Is there any way to run it/ hack past the registration? If not, does anyone want it?

@Giova84 was looking for T-Racks… I think it probalby will run on Haiku there is probably just something not setup right since the demo sounds like it works. It’s probalby due to package managment since there are photos of it online at least the Demo version runing on Haiku I believe. https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=457493

I don’t think there is an archived version of the full version so maybe at least get a copy to @PulkoMandy so he can archive it.

Yes, or maybe archive.org would like to have a copy of it (they are more appropriate than me for archival, don’t trust me!).


I can look in my CD archives top.

… would be happy, too! :slight_smile:

Its up…

If anyone to get it to run in any form, let me know.