I got a laptop for Haiku

I recently got a refurbished T430 ThinkPad for Haiku,
With 8GB of RAM and a 180GB SSD.
I have installed R1/Beta4,
and I am working on my Python bindings for the Haiku API.


I changed the category of the thread to feedback/hardware since this refers to an actual Haiku operating system hardware platform. May not still be quite right but certainly not off-topic for this forum.

Thanks for posting, @coolcoder613 !

Good choice. These may be ten years old, but they still work well. I have one, and also the X230 and W530 of the same vintage. The last is somewhat more powerful, and makes an excellent desktop replacement. Or doorstop, when it eventually packs up! They are not light.

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The Thinkpad X230 is my daily driver and I see no reason to replace it anytime soon.

T430, T430s and T431 work great

Add T470s to that list

I have Haiku running on a T420 :smiley:


All your hardware are reportet to our compatible hardware list (complete systems)?
So we can add that one, they are not in our hardware database.

I am new here but I have a Thinkpad T430 and if I understand correctly then this is compatible with Haiku,if so is there any working software that I can install and actually get online with it please ?

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Download Haiku from Get Haiku! | Haiku Project, burn that to a DVD or USB, boot from there and install Haiku.

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Or use an USB Stick, haiku runs great on the T430, everything but webcam and fingerprint reader should work.
You can write the image to the stick with a tool like rufus orduse dd on linux