I decided to go away from forum

Same here, had no clue about how to use mailing lists until a couple months ago when I wanted to follow Haiku development discussions better. Somehow, I managed to do it. It looks harder than it actually is.

Very unfortunate. This kind of misunderstood communication happens more and more often in online communities.
I think that things would have been much smoother if everyone was in the same room and could have real face to face conversations. Or maybe not, what do I know.

I hope that no one will keep a resentment.

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I’m going to be honest, inflexible hierarchy always tilts towards tyranny and corruption.

I didn’t and don’t care how he communicated or contributed, just that he did

Might want to check that mordl superiority


Why must conversations be so narrowly controlled ???

Think through that before replying, it sounds a lot like censorship

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This is great to see, I hope that cooler heads will prevail and that Haiku will be firing on all cylinders again. Please continue to reach understanding whenever possible. Thanks!


For the New ones, be free to link my tutorial :wink:



Lelldorin, nice tutorial. Did not know before everybody can join it… I always read the post only there… Thank you.

Yes, but Turing’s eccentricity, being a guy who had difficulty working in a group is true, all in all the film captured these aspects.
The fact is that despite the difficulties the group goes on, they manage to create the machine and win the war and start a new era.

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OK, so if discussion took time by which things calmed down, maybe it would be better to wait and see how things go, and, in worst case scenario, apply results of that discussion next time drama happens? Or just don’t suggest direct messages again, when it clearly did not work before.

That mail was also quite “cold”, with no mention about possible reasons the situation happened. Nothing like: “we know that situations can sometime escalate too much, and we want to work out better process, but in the meantime please refrain from creating drama on public forums, because: […]”. I’m not native speaker, so i may understand it differently, but to me it looks like putting all the blame on one person (i know it’s about the forum only, but without any mention of the bigger part of the story, it feels like that part was ignored).

That’s your preferred way for communication, not a clear steps for conflict resolutions.
You refuse to use forum because it’s inconvenient to you :).

Of course project owners can do whatever they want, and if that means requiring to use mailing list, that’s OK. As long as you don’t care about contributions from people who don’t want to use mailing list (for whatever reason).


Yes, reformatting code manually is no fun at all.

Wasn’t there a code formatter done? I remember using it, although it had some problems last time i tried it.

That’s great!

I clarify so as not to be misunderstood, I do not cheer for x512, nor do I want to put in a bad light others who work more silently, I like to highlight things with metaphors, I just want to highlight that in a good football team there is a need for a good striker and this will inevitably be the one acclaimed by the fans, this is how things go is human nature, but you should also see the positive aspect that the whole team gains in total, the champion is driving, and to be honest, for to be honest, this new period of HAIKU seems to me a much more profitable period than the past years that have passed very slowly and a bit boring. With respect to all, even these discussions here now, are much better making everything more alive than ever.
So please don’t kill the passion, I repeat don’t kill the passion.


I know that it was merged, and I know that that is the system. What I was suggesting is that appreciating @X512’s position may help lead to a resolution.

Why wait? Would you expect a different outcome? After what I’ve seen so far and the existence of this topic I would not.

Again? Where did you get the impression that it was tried and did not work? AFAIK there were no attempts of privately discussing stuff, which is the entire point.

It was supposed to be.

You have two responses like that linked in the post you’re discussing.

I am not as well.

I have never said that it is my preferred way, but this is how the project is run.
If you want to change that, then the proper way to affect change is to gain a voice through established channels, not through yelling and threats.

Look at things beyond progress reports and ask yourself: would you like to have a coworker who behaves like this?

There have been too many sissies and the offended around here. Everyone is looking for a reason to be offended. Instead of using sarcasm, humor, and self-irony, everyone starts making problems out of nothing.

  • “Ah, I was offended by his words, he’s not acting appropriately!”.

Maybe if you don’t take words as attacks, it will be easier to communicate?


I just want to remark in this thread two things: firstly, that I do largely agree with the assessments made by @KapiX and @PulkoMandy in here; and secondly, while indeed I sparred quite a lot with @X512, we are not in any way “mortal enemies,” and in fact have had some very productive conversations on IRC and on Gerrit the past few weeks; and he has provided some good early testing results on the new NTFS driver that I am currently working on in Gerrit.

That is all to say that while X512’s conduct on the forums has not been great, and I think he has some “learning to do,” he still very much has a place here, and we would be happy to help him learn how we do things in a social sense (and coding styles, for instance, are a genuine part of that, and not something “purely cosmetic”.)


Not when it divides the community in a non-productive way, such as what’s occurring in this topic.

Best we can hope now is that X512 will continue making contributions, which will end up in monthly reports like they also have in the past.


This is the right way, since everyone has great strengths but also some defects and by acting as a mirror, in comparison, in seeing the points of view of the other, you can all grow and have benefits.
I see things this way.
Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis.

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It is still work in progress and somewhere on my list of things to look into. haiku-format is available in HaikuDepot but there are some patches from this summer Google Summer of Code still to be integrated in it, and still after that it wont be perfect.

Then I’m not sure what we can do about it. If someone external to the project decides to strongly complain about a change, how can we do anything about it?

I don’t know about the forum community, you can divide yourself as much as you want. As far as the developer community is concerned, we had a chat with x512 privately, we exposed our respective point of views, and I think we can say the case is closed. X512 will continue helping and contributing (he was testing the NTFS driver and wrorking on his DRM port for 3D acceleration at that moment). I don’t know if he will come back to the forum after announcing his departure here.

That’a all what was needed: a reasonable discussion between the people involved, instead of a public fight on a public forum.


Glad to hear that X512 will still continue contributing to the project! :smiley:

Here’s hoping that we’ll be seeing his contributions in monthly reports to come.


the written wort can always be read one way or another